hello world!

By imperialwool on Mar 4, 2024
hello world!

so, hi

this is first post and my first “serious” personal website. i planned to do this stuff from scratch or use python that i know more in web developing, but i found astro and this cool “starter template” to work around with and… there it is.

im still planning to change it a lil bit more, f.e. change base colors, make highlights of text more interesting, do some animations and some lil stuff to make it pretty good.

whats on my mind?

im finishing updating Raya-Prime in March 8th, and i will start develop my new project. maybe will even find a team.

also i need to redo website for Raya-Prime. its.. ok, but this thing on python and there is a ton of stupid fixes and stuff to make it at least ok for use and for eyes.

there’s nothing else on my mind, idk. i dont even plan to have ig/fb. i have linkedin but i just have it, thats all. :D

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