hi, i'm imperialwool

i'm probably junior developer that know python n' nodejs (ts&js) and can work w/ mysql/mariadb, postgresql, redis, mongodb n' scylladb. also have adhd, lives in a non-English speaking country and have no experience in dev companies. plus im 20 years old and im furry. idk why u need such info lmao

my twiiter/x accountmy telegram channel (RUS ONLY)my github accountmy reddit accountmy amino account
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ma projects
raya-prime is definetly cute

bot for Amino (in future, for Telegram and maybe Discord), that prevents bad bots, giving for admins a ton of useful commands and can enternain users with her games, commands n stuff. still my favorite project

amino is terrible mess of code

trying to implement servers for Amino from zero using python and mongodb. ngl it was terrible, plz do not try it at home, im not responsible what will happen next if u will try to continue ma work

ma plans
musixmatch? naaah, csl

website with lyrics from genius (or added by users) and ability to add timestamps even with milliseconds for syncing lyrics. maybe free api for community and paid for companies (bcause of too many requests). can be useful for music apps or karaoke. maybe smbd can give better name to this project? planning to name it 'Syncery'

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just shadowsocks logo

how to shadowsocks?

Apr 10, 2024
small tutorial to install shadowsocks on any vps
hello world!

hello world!

Mar 4, 2024
wow i really can say hello to world now omagad
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